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Mark Your Calendar

With the leadership and support of our member web navigators, we hosted over 2,000 IMARK Electrical member employees at the 2021 virtual Product/Service EXPO.

Mark your calendar!

Mark Your Calendar

The 2022 IMARK Product/Service EXPO will be hosted on the IMARK Electrical website from Monday, May 23 through Friday, May 27.

This year's EXPO will feature over 200 short and informative videos from over 100 IMARK Electrical preferred suppliers and service companies and even more opportunities to win amazing prizes! Your company employees can join us when convenient 24/7. No need to register, simply log on at and start viewing.

Help Us Help You.

Help Us Help You.

We know that your positive influence on your fellow employees is essential to record-breaking attendance at EXPO 2022.

IMARK Electrical will award a $50 Gift Card to any navigator and back-up navigator (effective on today's date) whose company meets the highest tier of 2022 Platinum criteria #9 and earns 20 points toward 2022 Platinum status.

AAA (larger) size members:
25 or more employees that view and rate at least 15 videos

AA (medium) size members:
11 or more employees that view and rate at least 15 videos

A size (smaller) members:
7 or more employees that view and rate at least 15 videos

If uncertain about your company's relative size category, click on the ‘2022 Platinum Report Card’ icon on the IMARK website.

During the EXPO, each member navigator will have access to a highly visible ‘NAVIGATOR DASHBOARD’ on the EXPO Homepage that will display a real-time list of the number of videos viewed by each individual employee.

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