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IM Supply is a National Account Solution provider, serving the electrical and lighting MRO requirements of large multi-site Industrial Customers. IM Supply's mission is to serve national and global contracts with world class service through a combined network of industries. IM Supply maintains important commercial relationships with the electrical, HVACR, and plumbing industries leading product manufacturers. In fact, IM Supply distributors collectively make up the largest customer for many of the manufacturers we do business with.

At any given time, the members of the group maintain nearly $3 billion worth of related product inventoried throughout North America and beyond. That investment is in place so your facilities get the products you need when you need them. The companies in our fulfillment network employ nearly 15,000 employees that are focused on the needs and wants of the construction/MRO professional every day.

IM Supply solves difficult problems faced by customers such as lowering operational risk, streamlining the procurement process of MRO products, reduction of non-critical inventory costs and inventory management, reducing critical downtime, measurement and verification of expected performance standards, and delivering incremental cost savings. Our primary objective is to make our customers more efficient, productive and profitable.

IM Supply

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IMARK means commerce. From Electrical to HVACR to Plumbing and more, our vertical segments offer members participation in an exciting world of business.

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