Vendor Partner Bill of Rights

Creating an ‘unlevel playing field’ to support BLUE HAWK Vendor Partners

  • Expect a limited field of competitors.
  • Expect a higher market share within BLUE HAWK than the market overall.
  • Expect a lower effective cost of doing business.
  • Expect a true partner attitude from BLUE HAWK and its members.
  • Expect a balanced outlook – over the long and short terms.
  • Expect a higher-than-average impact for your promotional dollars.
  • Expect reporting and feedback that will enhance your ability to perform.
  • Expect a relatively fast migration to e-Commerce.
  • Expect perpetual innovation in distribution practices.
  • Expect an enjoyable, mutually effective business relationship.
  • Expect complete confidentiality of written agreements.
  • Expect BLUE HAWK to sustain the highest ethical standards.