Using the Power of E-Commerce

Your Company…your customers…your e-commerce solution.

One size does not fit all.

Each IMARK Electrical  member is in the best position to determine the nature of the e-commerce solutions required by their current and prospective customers.

Our e-Branch Webstore development kit was developed especially for the members of IMARK Electrical by Second Phase and Trade Service. Elements of the package include nearly 400,000 fully attributed product SKUs, a one-stop data hub (PIM) used to manage, edit, prioritize, and display the data content on your webstore.  Webstore development support is also available. 

This is just one examples of the resources provided to IMARK Electrical members by carefully vetted service companies.

The E-Customer Service Achievement Program—Recognition and Rewards

The IMARK Board of Directors has authorized the payment of up to $10,000 for IMARK Electrical members that have made demonstrable progress in serving the needs of customers who prefer electronic commerce methods.

IMARK has developed a Webstore Development Guide for member that are in the process of developing or launch e-solutions and resources for customers.