Building Strong Supplier Networks

Strong and profitable relationships with the industry’s top suppliers.

  • Our members’ aggregate purchasing power helps IMARK Electrical negotiate profit-enhancing financial incentives from industry-leading suppliers.  For many of our preferred suppliers, the members of IMARK Electrical are collectively their largest customer.
  • IMARK market planning, sales development programs and meetings are designed to further enhance revenue, market share, and profitability for both members and suppliers.
  • IMARK members are strongly motivated and incented to shift purchases to IMARK Electrical suppliers, wherever feasible. The IMARK to the MAXX program demonstrates to members how shifting purchases to IMARK suppliers will improve their profitability.

In addition, IMARK Electrical members receive discounts and/or rebates on business services and supplies from a growing roster of high-quality service companies that are highly relevant to member distributor companies.