Manufacturers Belong with IMARK Group

The goal of any IMARK Group vertical is to make sure that members and suppliers feel like there is a return on investment in the relationships, and we carefully select those we partner with. It is much like a family, where trust and communication are the frameworks of our success.

Bradford White | IMARK Plumbing Supplier

Knowledge is Power

IMARK Group knows that Product Conversions are the lifeblood of organizations. That’s why we conduct ongoing research to capture member purchase activity (and volume levels). It helps you in your planning, and it helps our members meet your sales goals.


IMARK Group knows there is no substitute for face-to-face communications. Not now. Not ever. Your vertical’s marketing conference, product trade shows and other meetings give you the “inside track” to present your latest products.

Encore Wire Corp | IMARK Electrical Supplier

Sloan | IMARK Plumbing Supplier

Brand Building

IMARK Group knows the value of a brand—and our verticals work hard to build yours and get you the attention you deserve. We will assist your brand-building efforts by providing cost-effective tools that aid in reaching our member companies. Building your brand and getting you the attention, you deserve.


Extended Sales Force

The IMARK Group realizes that our distribution network is actually an extension of your sales force. That’s why the vertical you work with features unique learning activities of your products—opportunities that allow the distributor to build your brand equity while enhancing his or her own distribution network.

Leviton| IMARK Electrical Supplier

Higher ROI

Every IMARK Group vertical understands the lifeblood of ROI is new products. Our programs help your distributors highlight the new, key products you bring to market each year.

Planning, Goal Setting

Each IMARK Group vertical brings together a multitude of selling opportunities and marketing tools which are designed to support your ability to growth with IMARK Group members year in and year out.

FRANKE | IMARK Plumbing Supplier