IMARK Member Employees Should Think of Your Company—First

Building your brand and getting the attention you deserve

It is in the interest of IMARK Plumbing that our members are aware of key products and the myriad support resources available from your company. For that reason, we provide a variety of communications tools that make it easy and cost effective to reach influential people at IMARK member companies

IMARK Group provides the following tools that our supplier partners can use to stand FRONT and CENTER with the IMARK membership.

  • Award winning IMARK Plumbing Now magazine (circulation 4,000+) is published 4X annually (both print and interactive digital editions). Advertising opportunities are limited to IMARK suppliers exclusively. Click here to go to our interactive digital edition.
  • Digital Impact Banner Advertising on the IMARK website homepage is used to attract member attention and capture feedback from member employees on growth opportunities important to suppliers