International Partners

Electrical • Plumbing • HVAC/R



Established over 25 years ago, IMELCO is the leading consortium of independent electrical wholesale companies in Europe, Australia, Russia, and the US. From its very beginning, IMELCO has been providing essential and worthwhile support to its members, bringing into focus the significant role of the independent electrical distributors as well as the growing importance of transboundary cooperation.

IMECLO’s main goal is to support the member-owned model of doing business on a global scale. 

Plumbing & HVAC/R 


EDT, founded in 1992, is a member-owned, member-governed group of independent plumbing and HVACR wholesalers across 13 European countries with 250 companies and 1,700 locations. The objective is to be the strongest international integrated network of wholesalers working with international suppliers strategically to mutual growth objectives and market penetration.   

Like Imark Group, EDT is focused on and committed to member networking, and building a family of companies that work together to achieve dominance in the markets they serve.