Profit Boosting Programs for Members

Financial benefits that enhance member profitability

  • Members earn rebates from IMARK Plumbing suppliers. For many members, their IMARK dividends make up more than 50 percent of company net profits before taxes. Monthly rebate dividend distributions provide members improved cash flow positions.
  • The Group Growth incentive program provides members with an opportunity to boost rebate earnings when total group purchases meet or exceed a growth target negotiated between IMARK headquarters and participating IMARK suppliers.  Member progress toward the achievement of the annual purchases is tracked on the IMARK website.
  • The IMARK Dashboard provides member companies with a comprehensive and easy-to-use analytical platform.  The dashboard helps member companies audit supplier-reported purchase data and identifies conversion opportunities that lead to greater rebate earnings.   Live data reporting provides up-to-date status reports on tracking and attaining annual group growth purchases goals.
  • OmniPro offers enhanced profits and the opportunity for IMARK Plumbing members to promote an exclusive brand of faucets and stainless sinks that are not available through national wholesale chains, at big box retailers or from E-retailers.
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in the Elite Distributors Insurance Company (EDIC), a captive insurance company providing competitive premiums and dividends on property, casualty, general liability, and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • IMARK Plumbing members in ‘growth by acquisition’ mode think IMARK First.  History has shown that high-quality IMARK Plumbing members that wish to sell their business prefer to sell to another IMARK member if possible.  This program is one reason that the groups’ purchasing volume continues to grow even as the industry consolidates.
  • Think Globally, Prosper Locally, IMARK Plumbing is a member/owner of EDT GmbH, Essen, Germany.  EDT is member-owned, member-governed group of independent Plumbing and HVAC/R wholesalers across 13 European countries.  Members earn additional rebates when they purchase from multi-national suppliers on the IMARK Plumbing line card.