IMARK Canada

IMARK Canada is made up of nearly 50 independently owned electrical distributors, WITH OVER 75 BRANCH LOCATIONS ACROSS CANADA.

IMARK Canada was formed in September 2013 to enhance the profitability of independent, family owned and operated distributors of electrical and lighting products.  IMARK Canada is aligned with IMARK Electrical, the largest electrical distribution marketing group in the United States.  Nearly 700 member companies operate more than 3,000 locations and command an estimated 18% of the US market.

The mission of IMARK Canada is to deliver the highest possible financial returns to the member distributors while delivering above average rates of sales and marketing share growth to a preferred group of leading electrical equipment manufacturers.

IMARK Canada has used the purchasing power of both IMARK Canada and IMARK Electrical in the United States to secure attractive and lucrative rebate/dating programs with over 70 of the leading electrical and lighting manufactures in Canada.

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Cutting-edge, inventive and testing approaches designed to optimize member profitability while strengthening supplier connections.

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Message From Our President

In a world characterized by constant change, we’re thrilled to announce that IMARK Canada is continually adapting and growing. As an organization owned and governed by its members, we deeply value the insights, guidance and direction provided by our membership leadership, fostering true transparency every step of the way.

We’re dedicated to supporting family-owned and independent electrical and lighting distributors. Our innovative marketing group, inclusive in Canada, boasts a diverse network of distributors in emerging markets.

At our forum, distributors and manufacturers come together in a collaborative community bound by camaraderie, fueled by synergy and driven by mutual profitability.

Our objective is simple: to enhance the profitability of our member distributors while facilitating above-market-average sales rates and market share growth for our preferred supplier partners.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about IMARK Canada. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us and we’ll respond promptly.


Jennifer Eastman | President | IMARK Canada

Denney Electric Supply | Member
Dulles Electric Supply | Member
Inline Electric Supply | Member