BLUE HAWK Meetings

No substitute for in-person networking with BLUE HAWK Members, Vendor Partners, Alliance Partners and Solution Partners. Not now. Not ever.

Every spring, the BLUE HAWK Annual Conference is an official Member meeting and Face-to-Face meetings between Member and Vendor Partner key decision-makers to help build and strengthen relationships. The annual conference also features timely and relevant workshops, seminars, and networking groups, which can benefit a wide range of company personnel. We also wrap in time for unique events to make the conference memorable, which helps to build bonds and relationships beyond the meeting rooms.

In the fall, BLUE HAWK Fall Advisory Forum offers a mix of business and pleasure. It’s an excellent opportunity to network and build relationships. Face-to-Meetings between Members, Vendor Partners, Alliance Partners, and Solution Partners start the event followed by three rounds of golf and non-golfing activities. Foursomes are switched for each round to maximize the networking opportunities.

Each January, BLUE HAWK holds a Winter Summit. Attendees build meaningful relationships while networking in a nontraditional setting.  The event opens with Face-to-Face Meetings between Members and approved Vendor Partners, Alliance Partners, and Solution Partners.  Then, attendees participate in various winter activities to create stronger personal connections.

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