Marketing programs that grow top and bottom lines’

Marketing and promotional resources that boost sales and enhance profitable relationships.

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IMARK Electrical members control the planning process with their key suppliers.  Many earn millions in additional rebates.

Our comprehensive GainShare joint planning program helps members and suppliers set annual purchase/sales goals and agree upon joint marketing and sales tactics to stimulate mutual growth.  Each GainShare plan includes an annual purchase goal.  Member progress toward purchase targets is tracked and reported monthly on the IMARK website. Members earn additional rebates when they achieve purchase goals established in their GainShare plans.


Promote and prosper all year long.

The Gateway to Growth program is a 12-month sales promotion whereby participating IMARK members earn ‘points’ for every dollar of ‘Gateway to Growth products’ they purchase from participating suppliers during the program year. These points can be redeemed for merchandise, gift certificates, and travel prizes on the IMARK website.  In addition, members can choose to claim points when they conduct joint sales calls and/or training events with IMARK suppliers. All earned points can be redeemed on an e-Catalog on the IMARK Website.  No cost to participate.  No administrative duties related to point accumulations.