building your brand and increaSe market share with members and their customers

communicating effectively to key decision makers and influencers

IMARK University logoHighly popular with IMARK member employees, IMARK University, powered by BlueVolt.com features over 900 web-based learning modules which are developed by IMARK suppliers on key products and their applications.  This is another terrific way for suppliers to build brand equity and enhance the value of their distribution networks.

All training is available free of charge to member employees and can be taken at any time 24/7. The typical course takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Individual employees earn a modest monetary award for successful completion of courses through IMARK University.

Participating suppliers can view a complete listing of IMARK member employees that have successfully completed your company course(s).

IMARK University is hosted and administered by BlueVolt,


Product EXPO–a ‘virtual’ Trade Show

Hosted on the IMARK website, the IMARK EXPO is a week-long virtual trade show that is conducted every spring.  Available 24/7, all member employees are invited to view 3-5 minute videos featuring the latest and greatest products and services from IMARK preferred suppliers.  Thousands of gift cards are awarded to EXPO visitors that take the time to answer a few questions about the videos, thus providing valuable feedback to our preferred supplier partners.  Over 3,300 member employees participated in EXPO ’23.


The IMARK Website

Over 12,000 member employees have access to the log-in section of the IMARK website.

IMARK provides our supplier partners the following tools to stand FRONT and CENTER with the IMARK membership.

IMARK Electrical works with our suppliers to ensure that our members are award of key products and the myriad support resources available from your company.


    • Banner advertising on the IMARK website homepage is used to attract member attention and capture feedback from member employees on growth opportunities important to suppliers.
    • An email function is hosted on the IMARK website and is used by suppliers to send emails to key executives at member employees.
    • Award winning IMARK Electrical Now magazine (circulation 8,000+) is published 3x annually (both print and interactive digital editions).  Advertising opportunities are limited to IMARK suppliers exclusively.  Click Here to view our interactive digital edition.