Face-to-Face Collaboration With Trusted Industry Peers at IMARK Meetings

“This is always the best organized industry meeting. We had over 50 scheduled one-on-one appointments and meet with several other member during the open session. The meeting improves every year in terms of format and value.”

The IMARK Plumbing “Spring” Meeting is a marketing conference that gives members the inside track on the latest products. One-on-One meetings between member and supplier key decision makers help build and strengthen relationships.

Analytic Product Conversion Data and Benchmarking Reporting Tools

The IMARK Dashboard provides suppliers a one- stop-go-to resource to track sales performance and conversion opportunities:

  • Directional insight into sales opportunities on member spend with non-approved suppliers.
  • Product category detail providing targeted business conversion opportunities by specific product categories.


Sales and Benchmarking reporting, a series of analytical reporting that points to new business opportunities:

  • Membership Coverage Analysis provides IMARK Plumbing suppliers with sales data by regional markets and insight on target account opportunities.
  • Peer Benchmarking Report allows IMARK Plumbing suppliers to compare their sales performance to the IMARK Plumbing members with that of other IMARK Plumbing suppliers assigned to their peer group.


Market intelligence, IMARK Plumbing offers resources and survey tools to gather information from the membership concerning new business opportunities.  IMARK Plumbing will collect, tabulate and report results back to IMARK Supplies.