Making Profits Soar

Bold, innovative and proven strategies that maximize member profitability and enhance supplier relationships.

  • IMARK Electrical members earn rebates on their purchases from IMARK Electrical suppliers. For many members, their IMARK dividends make up more than 50 percent of company net profits before taxes. Distributions of rebates to members are made twice annually.
  • IMARK Electrical negotiates extended payment terms with many of its important supplier partners.  IMARK Electrical passes along the benefits of these payment terms to qualifying members in the form of a deferred payable to IMARK for member purchases from the applicable IMARK suppliers.  The Working Capital Plus™ program (also known as the ‘Deferral’) helps members optimize and improve cash flow. 
  • The Group Growth incentive program provides members with an opportunity to boost rebate earnings when total group purchases meet or exceed a growth target negotiated between IMARK Electrical headquarters and participating IMARK suppliers. Member progress toward the achievement of the annual purchases is tracked on the IMARK website, providing members with detailed and up-to-date information on group progress to goal.
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in the Elite Distributors Insurance Company (EDIC), a captive insurance company which provides competitive premiums and dividends on property, casualty, general liability, and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • IMARK Electrical members in ‘growth by acquisition’ mode think ‘Growing Forward’. History has shown that high-quality IMARK Electrical members that wish to sell their businesses prefer to sell to another IMARK member if feasible. This program is one reason that the groups’ purchasing volume continues to grow even as the industry consolidates.
  • Think Globally, Prosper Locally. IMARK Electrical is a member/owner of IMELCO, a consortium of member-owned marketing groups that operate around the world. Members earn additional rebates when they purchase from key multi-national suppliers on the IMARK Electrical line card.