Progressive. Ethical.  Transparent. Dynamic.
Family Focused.

Progressive. Ethical.  Transparent. 
Family Focused.

Member-Owned, Member-Governed

Bob Imark President

IMARK Group: Building Success one member at a time

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about IMARK Group. I’m confident that you’ll like what you see.

We know that when you build a common platform for industry-leading distributors and world-class manufacturers to more closely align and plan for growth, good things are bound to happen.

We recognize that to be the best at what we do, we must rely upon a strong membership network that builds upon mutually beneficial relationships among industry-leading distributors and manufacturers.

Regardless of the industry (or industries) you serve, you will find IMARK Group to be a powerful source of strength in a challenging business environment. We offer relevant programs and resources that enhance what you do to increase sales, profits, and market share.


Bob Smith | President | IMARK Group


Unleash the power of membership


Our success is growing your business


Dynamic solutions for modern businesses

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Unlocking your potential

Tools That Drive Results


Interactive training portals designed to help members and their employees elevate their skills. xTeach, powered by Litmos focuses on business and sales skills. While IMARK University and BLUE HAWK University, powered by BlueVolt, provide product training.

Digital Rebate Reporting

Mobile-enabled dashboard access featuring daily rebate numbers; get the full financial picture.

Product Sourcing Support

LINK, connecting independent members with other independent members within the group for products; keeping independents strong.

GrowING Forward

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Health insurance

Captive insurance is an alternative insurance model in which a group of companies create their own insurance company to provide coverage for its members. Captives helps reduce and stabilize the cost of health insurance for members.

Gain Share

 IMARK Group recognizes that members are in the best position to plan and set annual purchase goals with their key suppliers. Members earn significant additional rebate dollars when the goals are achieved while suppliers increase their market share. A true Win-Win.


Members harness the power of data to improve efficiencies and ensure the success of their business.  Benchmarking metrics help independent businesses set goals grounded in performance by comparing to top performing peers. 

Group 401(k)

Group 401(k) (MEP) helps keep costs competitive and reduces the fiduciary responsibility and legal obligation to the business owner. All the benefits of offering a 401(1) plan without owning all the responsibility.

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“As a member-owned and member-governed organization, we rely heavily on guidance, insights, and direction from our member leadership.” 

Jerry Knight | President | IMARK Electrical



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BLUE HAWK | Member/Vendor Partner Face-to-Face Meetings


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